Being on the lookout for email scams

Cybercrime commonly occurs via email (eg. spam, phishing and online scams). As well as being alert to suspicious or unsolicited messages you should consider the following useful tips to avoid falling victim to cybercrime:

  • use a spam filter on your email account
  • be suspicious of unsolicited messages, even from a person or organisation you know,
  • avoid opening suspicious or unsolicited messages with attachments and links to other websites,
  • avoid replying to or forwarding suspicious or unsolicited messages,
  • never supply your personal information to unsolicited emails from unknown persons,
  • seek independent advice about sending money to an unknown person or organisation,
  • read terms and conditions carefully,
  • regularly check your bank statements to make sure there are no suspicious transactions,
  • shred any documents you may no longer need that contain personal information, and
  • remember – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! 

If you are concerned that you have fallen victim to cybercrime you should report it to the ACORN.