Media Release: ACORN to revolutionise how Australians report cybercrime to police

Minister for Justice – The Hon Michael Keenan MP

26 November 2014

Cybercrime victims will be able to report criminals in real time following today’s launch of a revolutionary new online system for all Australians – the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (the ACORN).

The ACORN is a national policing initiative that will allow members of the public to easily and instantly report cases of cybercrime.

It will also arm the public with the information they need to avoid falling victim to increasingly sophisticated cybercrime.

The Government is committed to ensuring a safe and prosperous Australia, where everyone can feel safe and secure. This applies equally to the online world as it does to our streets and suburbs.

Currently, many instances of cybercrime go unreported because victims either do not know where to report, don’t think it is worth reporting or are reluctant to do so.

The ACORN will provide a secure means to report cybercrime incidents, and will refer reports to the right law enforcement agency for consideration and possible investigation.

The ACORN will also enable police to access a national picture of the cybercrime affecting Australians and Australian businesses, enabling them to develop improved tactical and strategic responses to key cybercrime threats.

Police will be able to develop an enhanced understanding of how cyber criminals are targeting Australians, which will grow clearer over time as more reports are received.

Ultimately, we’ll be able to use this information to make Australia a harder target for cyber criminals.

It is also crucial that we protect Australia’s digital economy, which is becoming a vital driver of our economy and provider of jobs.

I want to pay particular tribute to the cooperative efforts of CrimTrac, the Australian Crime Commission, the Attorney-General’s Department and all Australian police forces to develop the ACORN.

The ACORN represents a revolutionary new model – a national commitment – to work together to ensure a safer and more secure digital environment for all Australians.

The ACORN is accessible online at

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