Learn about cybercrime

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is an issue which impacts the lives of many Australians. Cybercrimes are crimes which are:

  • directed at computers or other devices (for example, hacking), and
  • where computers or other devices are integral to the offence (for example, online fraud, identity theft and the distribution of child exploitation material).

Common types of cybercrime include hacking, online scams and fraud, identity theft, attacks on computer systems and illegal or prohibited online content.

The effect of cybercrime can be extremely upsetting for victims, and not necessarily just for financial reasons. Victims may feel that their privacy has been violated, and that they are powerless. Unfortunately, as Australia’s reliance on technology grows, the cost and incidence of cybercrime is expected to increase.

For more information and advice around significant and trending cybercrime events, please visit the Australian Cybercrime Security Centre’s website:


Common types of cybercrime

You can learn more about the following types of cybercrime: